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LBC Volleyball is a local sports club that is dedicated to the physical, mental, and social development of young adults in Colorado through athletic competition, academic support, and giving back to the community.


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LBC is an acronym for many important values to our club. The main one that we cherish is to be your Local Based Club. While we hope to help athletes from all over Colorado, our focus area is to make volleyball great in Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Lyons and from all over Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Our goal is not to become the biggest factory producing volleyball robots but to understand and know each of our athletes. LBC cherishes being a local community member of amazing Boulder County, Colorado and representing the families living here. The club also understands it has a goal to be competitive on the biggest stages. Through hard work, on and off the court, this local club plans to compete against the biggest clubs not just in Colorado but also in the world.


LBC is based in three core principles: the parent, the player, and the community.

Life Before Children – The Parent – At LBC, we understand the time and effort that each parent must sacrifice to make it possible for their athlete to play club volleyball. We want to recognize the hard work put in by the parents through an annual appreciation event that we call “Life Before Children.” Life before children is a catered dinner with a couple door prizes for parents only to take an evening and unwind from hustle of daily life. Look for this event to begin in 2018 at our new facility.

Lifting and Learning Before Competing – The player – LBC looks to develop athletes that are going to become valued members of society. The best way we understand to make this a reality is to take care of the athlete on and off the court. While practices will be tough and much will be expected from our players on the court, we will hold equally as high standards off the court. Each player will be required to spend 2 hours a month at LBC’s study hall where tutors will be present to help answer any questions. A student failing in the classroom is a student that we are failing as club. This time will be known as “Learning Before Competing.” We will also highly encourage all athletes to strength and agility train 2 hours a week. These do not have to be structured classes. The more an athlete can train off the court the more they can prevent injury. The club will also look to bring in trainers, nutritionists, and other specialties to educate the athletes on the process. These sessions will be come to know as “Lifting Before Competing.”

Loving Beautiful Colorado – The community – LBC is proud to be located in the great state of Colorado. Any time the club has an opportunity to show our appreciation for where we come from, we will be sure to take advantage of that time. During the course of the season, each team will take place in a community-based event of their choice. In addition to that, the club as a whole will also donate financial support each year to a local non-profit that is doing great work for our community. The hope is that each family donates time beyond this to make our community a better place.

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